Privacy Policy 驻马店论坛删贴流程及说明

(1) 根据中华人民共和国国家安全机构、公安部门的要求及根据相应的法律程序要求。
(2) 维护驻马店网(Zmd5.Com)的商标所有权及其它权益。
(3) 在紧急情况下竭力维护会员个人、其它社会个体和社会大众的安全。
(4) 严重违反驻马店网(Zmd5.Com)有关规定。

1. user privacy system
Respected members of a person's privacy, privacy protection of its members in the Palestinian homeland security is a basic policy of Pakistan and their homes will not open, edit, or disclose the Member's registration information, except in accordance with the following:
(1) People's Republic of China in accordance with national security agencies, public security departments in accordance with the requirements and the process would require.
(2) the maintenance of Pakistan and home ownership and other rights and interests of trademark.
(3) act in urgent circumstances to safeguard the members of the individual, other individuals and the community of social security.
(4) serious violations of the relevant provisions of their homes in Pakistan.
Pakistan and the end of their homes retain qualified members of the rights of network services and to ensure that remains after the end of membership Members of the confidentiality of all personal privacy.
2. The user's account, password, and security
Once you have successfully registered to become members of Pakistan and their homes, you will receive a password and an account. If you do not protect your account and password security, the consequences would therefore take full responsibility. In addition, each user have their account fully responsible for all activities and events. You can change at any time in accordance with instructions of your password. Users agree that if any illegal use of user accounts or security loopholes in the situation of Pakistan and their homes immediately.
3. Users responsibility to
Users to transfer content to bear alone the responsibility. Users must comply with the following provisions:
(A), shall not use their homes in Pakistan and jeopardize national security, leaking state secrets, shall not be violated national social collective and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, must not use the Pakistan home production, reproduction and dissemination of the following information:
(1) incitement to resist and undermine the Constitution and the laws and administrative regulations implemented;
(2) incitement to subvert state power and overthrow the socialist system;
(3) incitement to split the country and undermine national unity;
(4) to incite ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;
(5) fabrication or distortion of facts, spread rumors, disturbs social order;
(6) promoting feudal superstitions, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism, abetting crime;
(7) an affront others or fabricating facts to slander others, or other malicious attacks;
(8) damage the credibility of state organs;
(9) other violations of the Constitution and laws administrative regulations;
(10) acts of commercial advertising.
(B), mutual respect, for their speech and actions.